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Zandara "Zee" Kennedy is a professional stunt driver, licensed to drive everything from scooters to tractor trailers.

Her work has been featured in many major motion pictures (Deadpool, X-Men, XXX), television shows (the Flash, Fear the Walking Dead, the Night Agent), and commercials, marketing brand names like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

She started her drifting career in 2019, earned her Formula Drift PROSPEC license in 2021, completed a 20k mile cross-country drift tour of the United States in 2022 and started her Formula Drift ProSpec career in 2023. 

Since joining Formula Drift, she has pioneered several programs: the Women of FD tour, a behind the scenes tour introducing some of the women making FD happen and providing participants with an opportunity to meet them and learn about their stories and career paths, as well as (You are) Welcome to Formula Drift, an LGBTQ+ safe space and introduction to the world of Formula D.

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Zandara Kennedy Driving Reel 2022
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